Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have a bone to pick with Hollywood.  Just because a kid is sick, it does not make them an angel.  They do not sit around with a smile on their face.  In my experience, they do complain, a lot and I am not saying that is bad.  I do it too and everyone would do it.  Pain does not play fair.  Health is fleeting and is given to those that do not appreciate it.

Out of the mouths of babes…

I want to die!!

Why can’t I just die??

There is not pain in Heaven, right?

Why can’t I just die?

Please kill me!!

You are hurting me!!

You don’t love me because if you did, you would not put me through this!

What do you mean, “The doctors don’t know?”

I hate all of you!!

Leave me alone!

Don’t touch me!!

Take this IV out!!

I don’t care if I am scaring the other children!!

I don’t like this!!


I want to go home!!

Why can’t I go home!!

Don’t yell at me, I am hurting!!

Don’t you care that I am hurting?

You never loved me!!


I want a doctor so I can punch them!!

Don’t cry Mommy

I’m sorry

I am just hurting

I want to go home

Why did the doctors not find anything?

I just want to get better

I just want to be a normal kid

I just want to stop hurting

Why do I have to hurt?

My attempt at poetry

Hey…Hello in there…

I have no answers to give

I want to solve the impossible puzzle

I am walking through a maze that leads to nowhere

Now what?

Where do I go?

I scream this in my head

Where do I go?

What do I need to learn?

What do I need to do?

Who do I need to ask?

I am asking you but you are not telling

I give it to you and you and not responding

You send me blessing after blessing

We are not cursed

We are blessed


Oh, was this like the Israelites?

Am I complaining for meat when I have eaten of Heaven’s bread?

Should today be enough?

No tomorrow

Just today

How do you move on?
Just today

No planning

No dreams?

Different dreams, but aren’t they nightmares?

No, keep your heart light and looking for the light

Look to the light in all situations and you will be blessed

No answers but love